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Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely

Meet Our Donors

Through the years, the Crows have grown ever closer to Susquehanna and its people. Read More

Did you know there are creative ways to support Susquehanna University? Ways in which Susquehanna, you and your loved ones all benefit at the same time?

Such giving techniques are called "planned gifts" because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and Susquehanna. For example:

  • You can make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can give stock and realize larger tax savings.
  • You can get a monthly paycheck for life in return for your gift.
  • You can donate your house, continue to live there and get a tax break all at the same time.

Where to Begin?

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Ask us questions, or play with Plan-a-Gift®, our online interactive gift planning tool!

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